Sumcoin Wallet: A New Era in Cryptocurrency Security and Community Engagement

Published November 15 2023


In a significant development for the Sumcoin community, Slice Wallet, the longstanding primary mobile wallet for Sumcoin, has officially ended functionality, marking the end of an era. The closure comes after a strategic transition from Proof of Work (PoW) to Proof of Stake (PoS), enhancing both security and efficiency for its users. This article provides an overview of this transition, the introduction of the new Sumcoin Wallet, and important information for users regarding the migration process, which has now ended.

Transition from Slice Wallet to Sumcoin Wallet

Slice Wallet, which was accessible at, had been a cornerstone in the Sumcoin ecosystem for several years while the project relied on proof of work as a validation mechanism. However, in a progressive move, the Sumcoin developers introduced the Sumcoin Wallet, aligning with the latest technological advancements in cryptocurrencies transition to Proof of Stake. The new wallet is accessible via and has rapidly gained popularity, currently ranking #7 on the Apple App Store.

Migration Process: PoW to PoS

Sumcoin's shift from PoW to PoS marks a significant enhancement in terms of network security and efficiency. The communication regarding this transition was widespread, involving channels like Twitter, Telegram, and in-app notifications. The migration process, detailed in the Sumcoin Telegram Announcement, is now complete. If you did not see this, have notifications turned on or otherwise pay attention to the announcements, the window to move to Proof of Stake has closed and you will retain coin on the Slice Wallets Proof of Work Chain.

Technical Shift: BIP32 SPV Protocol to BIP39 and Electrum Protocol

A critical aspect of the transition from Slice Wallet to Sumcoin Wallet is the change in underlying technologies. Slice Wallet was based on the BIP32 SPV (Simplified Payment Verification) protocol. In contrast, the new Sumcoin Wallet operates on the BIP39 standard and Electrum protocol. Your seed phrase from Slice Wallet will not work on Sumcoin Wallet.

BIP32 SPV Protocol: BIP32 is a method for generating hierarchical deterministic wallets. It allows for the creation of a family of key pairs from a single seed. SPV, or Simplified Payment Verification, refers to the method of verifying transactions without needing the entire blockchain, making it faster and more efficient. However, BIP32 does not inherently include a standard for seed phrases, which are crucial for wallet recovery.

BIP39 and Electrum Protocol: BIP39 is a method for the generation of mnemonic sentences, which are used as seed phrases to recover wallets. This protocol is more user-friendly, as it allows users to back up their wallets using easily remembered words. The Electrum protocol, meanwhile, is known for its speed and simplicity, using servers that index the blockchain to facilitate quick transactions.

Implications of the Protocol Change

One critical implication of this shift is that the seed words or recovery phrases from the Slice Wallet (BIP32 SPV) cannot be directly imported into the Sumcoin Wallet (BIP39 and Electrum). This is due to the different methods these protocols use to generate and manage private keys. Users must ensure they follow the proper migration process to transfer their assets securely.

Migration Fee and Its Purpose

A notable aspect of the migration was the imposition of a small 3% fee. This fee was not merely a transactional cost but served a broader purpose. It was designed to foster community involvement in the promotion and exchange listing of Sumcoin. The fee also underscores the community's commitment to securing and advancing the Sumcoin network. A Deadline to migrate was set and announced. The deadline ended today, November 15th 2023. If you did not migrate, you still have coins on the POW chain, however as announced, there are no developers known to be working on it now or in the future. This is because developers have moved on to support POS protocol.

Security Enhancements with PoS

The shift to PoS significantly bolsters the network's security. PoS systems are renowned for their enhanced security features compared to PoW systems. This transition is not just a technical upgrade but a strategic move to safeguard users' investments and ensure the longevity and reliability of the Sumcoin network.

Addressing Bad Actors: The Cases of Eli Regalado and Dan Applegate

In parallel with these technological advancements, there is an ongoing effort to cleanse the network of bad actors. key figures in this regard are Eli Regalado and Dan Applegate of Colorado, Nebraska and Iowa. Users who have interacted with Regelado Applegate and suspect fraudulent activity are urged to contact This initiative underscores Sumcoin's commitment to maintaining a safe and trustworthy environment for its users.


The move from Slice Wallet to Sumcoin Wallet, and the accompanying technological advancements, signal a new era for Sumcoin. This transition not only enhances security and efficiency but also emphasizes the importance of community involvement in the cryptocurrency's growth. As this new chapter begins, Sumcoin users can expect a more secure, efficient, and community-driven future.

Further Information

For more detailed information and to stay updated on the latest developments, users are encouraged to visit the official Sumcoin Wallet website at and follow Sumcoin's official social media channels. You may also sign up for email updates below.